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With filmfriend, you just need your library card to discover a whole world of film: feature films, documentaries, kids’ movies, and more – all completely free, on filmfriend on your browser, on your mobile phone or on your TV.

Your library card gives you convenient, user-friendly access to streaming thousands of films, with around 300 new titles every year!

Users of participating libraries can choose from over 3,500 titles, including award-winning films and series. Search functions and carefully curated collections will help inspire you to discover the right titles, without endless scrolling.

Our selections are clearly laid out so you can find the right content for you. Our kids’ section alone has 35 different collections. Each children’s film is clearly labelled with its FSK rating, as well as an educational age recommendation.

And best of all, filmfriend is free to members of participating libraries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

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Library customers and press comments

"I am completely thrilled by the great selection of quality films of the most diverse genres and topics beyond the mainstream. This has made filmfriend our favourite film platform. Thank you and please keep up the good work!"
User from Waldmühle
"I think your app is great and the offer is really super."
Richard from St. Gallen
"Dear filmfriend team, I find your portal really great and your collections too! Through them I always discover super great and interesting films that I would never have found otherwise."
Helga from Stuttgart
"Filmfriend is in no way inferior to the private providers. The website offers cinema and series for adults and children, with a balanced program."
"In terms of content, filmfriend presents itself like a streaming version of Arte. However, the offer includes many films that are not available in media libraries or streaming services."

filmfriend, how does it work?

filmfriend is a streaming service offered by libraries.

You simply log on to with your library card …

… and you can enjoy unlimited access to all films in our catalogue.

New films and documentaries are added every week.

Is my library included?

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